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Dentistry for Anxious Patients in El Paso, TX

Discover the Joys of Pain-Free, No-Anxiety Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Thanks to the modern miracle of sedation dentistry, anxious and fearful patients no longer have anything to be anxious or fearful about. Family dentist Dr. Spivack uses sedation dentistry to take away the anxiety and discomfort that has made some patients so fearful in the past that they neglect their dental health. He can often accomplish complete or complex dental treatment in one or two longer visits that may have required a half-dozen, or more, visits spanning several weeks or months in the past.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Dr. Spivack uses nitrous oxide as his most effective conscious sedation technique for helping patients relax. Sedation with nitrous oxide, more commonly known as “laughing gas,” decreases anxiety and promotes relaxation while the patient remains fully conscious.

Dr. Spivack mixes nitrous oxide and oxygen together. The patient then inhales the mixture prior to a dental procedure. The nitrous mixture produces sensations of lightheadedness, relaxation and a comfortable, warm-all-over feeling. It’s safe, effective and non-invasive. That’s why nitrous oxide is the sedation method of choice for anxious or fearful patients in the West Texas area of El Paso and the surrounding communities.

For pain-free, no-anxiety conscious sedation dentistry, call Steven Spivack, DDS, at 915-755-7697 or email office@docsmiles.com. Use our convenient online Request an Appointment form to reserve your time. Our sedation dentistry patients come to us from Fort Bliss, Northeast El Paso and El Paso in El Paso County, Las Cruces, NM and Sunland Park, NM. Be sure to call if you have a dental emergency.

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