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When you have lost all or most of your teeth you will need a restoration to help maintain your oral, overall health and facial shape. Thanks to the progress achieved in restorative dentistry, today we have products that can wonderfully aid you in biting and chewing functions. Our dentist in El Paso, TX has recreated healthy smiles for many of our patients using dentures and other dental restorations. If you or any of your family members are suffering from tooth loss, come speak to our dentist. Our restorative dental services can recreate a healthy smile for you/family members.

What are dentures and when are they required?

Dentures are restorations that have been traditionally used to replace lost teeth. The restoration can replace few or many teeth in a row. Those restorations that replace few teeth are called partials and those that replace all teeth in a dental arch are called complete dentures. Our dentist recommends dentures as a restoration option when a patient has very few or no teeth remaining. Each of this set of dentures has porcelain teeth restorations arranged in a row. The base is made of acrylic material. The base is designed to look like gums. The process of creating a denture and replacing lost teeth takes place in few stages.

Dentures restoration procedure?

During your first visit to our dental office, our dentist checks your oral health and finds out the status of your teeth if there are any remaining and the bone structure. Our dentist may extract the teeth if it is found that the teeth are non-functional or badly infected. After the extraction process, the gums are left to heal. Impressions of gums are taken and temporary dentures are prepared at our office. The temporary denture acts as false teeth during the healing period of gums. This may take few months and gums recede during this term. The temporaries may have to be modified routinely as gums shrink and there are changes in the dental arch. On consecutive visits, our dentist checks the status of gums and prepares for the fabrication of permanent dentures. The dentures are fabricated in the lab and fit over the gums using special adhesives. There may be few followup visits required to make adjustments to the dentures to fit over gums properly.

Our dentist has been working with dentures treatments for several years. Through successful treatment, we have been able to create some wonderful smiles for our patients. Make your first consultation at our office Steven Spivack, DDS or call us at 915-755-7697 or Email us office@docsmiles.com will involve oral checkup. Such problems may have to be cured before going ahead with restoration dental procedures.

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